Fertiss Plug


FERTISS are ready to use plugs developed for the propagation of young plants raised from cuttings, seed or for weaning micro propagated material.

FERTISS is the first choice of growers in many countries, from individual growers to large specialist propagators, using millions of plugs each season.

FERTISS has earned its reputation as a superior product due to the following benefits:

  • Its optimizing rooting speed and striking success rate.
  • An unrivalled range of plug sizes and tray configurations
  • Specifically designed trays and plugs complement each other, to promote excellent tray air circulation.

FERTISS is made of fine blond Sphagnum Peat, Perlite and Vermiculite, a natural compost which adapts well when potting-on. It is a clean, natural, ‘live’ product where the natural structure of the medium has not been damaged or sterilised. It retains a natural, healthy balance of soil organisms, making the compost less vulnerable to colonisation by harmful pathogens. The FERTISS mix is wrapped in a non-woven mesh that is quickly and easily penetrated by roots. Plants can be handled, graded and potted as soon as the roots appear.

FERTISS has a consistency which makes sticking easy and gives good support for the cutting in the plug. There is usually no need for a pre-made dibble hole which could create an air gap at the base of the cutting, hence slowing callus formation and delaying rooting.


Since its launch in the mid 1980’s, the range of uses for FERTISS has dramatically increased. At the same time the choice of trays and plug sizes has expanded to meet customer requirements and market demands in many countries. Originally FERTISS was made for Pelargonium propagators. Nowadays, FERTISS is used for many diverse crops including:

  • Tender perennials
  • Hardy nursery stock
  • Herbaceous perennials
  • Australian natives
  • Weaning micro propagated plants
  • Hops
  • Pharmaceutical crops and many more.


  • Reduces root spiraling in the plugs
  • Faster plant establishment due to increased air movement around the tray
  • Extremely high rooting success
  • Quicker and easier potting
  • Are specifically designed for mechanical transplanting.
  • Reduced transplant shock and increased acclimatizing due to the natural composition.
  • The natural composition of FERTISS (made without glue or synthetic additives) will help avoid transplanting shock and will accelerate adaptation to a new environment.


FERTISS is available in an wider range of plug sizes and tray configurations.

431.C 14 trays 150 plugs 2 x 4 2,100
471.2 plugs in bulk 2 x 4 2,376
440.C 17 trays of 104 plugs 3 x 3 1,768
475.1 plugs in bulk 3 x 3 1,560
456.C 14 trays of 60 plugs 4 x 4 840
476.1 plugs in bulk 4 x 4 684
456D.C 9 trays of 60 plugs 4 x 6 540
477.1 plugs in bulk 4 x 6 456
465.C 15 trays of 84 plugs 3.2 x 3.5 1,260
4418.C 8 Trays of 108 plugs 3 x 6 864
478.1 plugs in bulk 4 x 8 342
431.4 384 trays 150 plugs 2 x 4 57,600
440.4 480 trays 104 plugs 3 x 3 49,920
456.4 416 trays of 60 cells 4 x 4 24,960
456D.40 256 trays of 60 cells 4 x 6 15,360
CO1456 60 cells for 4 x 6/4 x 8 plugs 504 x 312

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