Greentech is the exclusive importer and wholesaler of

Fertil products in Australia since 1995

FERTIL manufactures FERTILPOTS – 100% Biodegradable Organic Plant Fibre Cultivation Pots and FERTISS PLUGS – Ready to Use Propagation Plugs

GREENTECH provides prompt, reliable service and deliveries to all states of Australia.

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In 2000 after extensive trials of all available products, we selected the Fertil 5x9 round for our Rose and Gerbera propagation. The pots are an excellent fit for our propagation system and our results are always consistent. Add to this first class service and we could not be happier with the product.

- Phil Elliot General Manager Grandiflora Nursery, VIC May 14, 2015

The biggest advantages in using the fertilpots in our nursery are the absence of transplant shock, the time saving in labor, & its environmental quality (no wastage). We also found that we use less water than with the plastic pots. The root development is stronger, providing a better established plant

- Gary Howe, Oakford, WA Tube Stock Nursery May 12, 2017

Fertil pots were trialed by our propagation department as an alternative to plastic tubes in 2008, with the philosophy of reducing waste and increased plant quality. It was only a short period of time where their true benefits showed, including reduced transplant shock and root damage, being able to pot up when the plant is ready rather than when the root system won’t break apart, being knocked out from a tube and no restriction to root development as a plant grows away.

Lastly but importantly, dealing with Greentech makes the process easy as they have an understanding of grower needs from planning to delivery.

- Steve Eggleton General Manager of Plant Growers Australia May 14, 2017

We have been using fertilpots for a few years now and have achieved great results with our rose propagation program, but now with the Fertiss plugs, we are achieving the same if not better results with less labour. I wouldn't even look at any other product for my rose propagation as the results with fertilpots and Fertiss are excellent.

- Bill Van Wyk Van Wyk Nursery, VIC May 14, 2017


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